Equity work in schools is
still in startup mode.

It’s time to bring it to scale.

228 Accelerator is an equity accelerator that facilitates the creation and transformation of schools and education organizations.

228 Accelerator fuels the scale of radical and transformative learning experiences and models in schools, organizations, and communities. Using our signature equityXdesign process, our designs and redesigns start at the root of our problems: our relationships. When transformed, these relationships — whether they are between students and their learning, between teachers and students, or leaders and teachers— create an environment where all people feel like they belong.

228 Accelerator’s mission is to empower a new generation of school designers to build a new generation of schools, education organizations, and educational practices that redesign relationships for equity. We give them the time, networks, and experiences to design radically new and better ways of learning together, working together, and — ultimately — living together.

“Somebody has to stand when other people are sitting. Somebody has to speak when other people are quiet.”

Bryan Stevenson

Systems of Inequity Have Been Designed by People, and They Can Be Redesigned

“When I think about co-creation, I think about what it is like to design with people rather than for them, from the inception of understanding the problem to the process that you use to solve it. In the traditional design thinking or innovation frame, there might be a designer and a user. In true co-creation, you’re just two designers of equal status with different levels of expertise that you access when needed. That’s different than the way we currently approach a lot of innovation work.”