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equityXdesign: A Process and Practice

228 Accelerator believes that all people, including both students and education professionals, have the power and the capacity to design — even if they don’t see themselves as designers. 228 Accelerator works to empower all people as designers and to help those with creative authority to leverage their influence and power to create transformative learning experiences.

228 Accelerator’s Foundations experiences, design studios, and personalized coaching utilize the equityXdesign process, a powerful design framework that merges the values of equity work and innovation with the intentionality of design. Read more about the equityXdesign framework here.

In order to create a world that reconciles gaps and dismantles segregation, we must challenge our beliefs and change our actions. We capture this arc in five interdependent stages:

Step 1: Grounding in Data

Using empathy interviews and assessments, 228 Accelerator works with our partners (schools, education organizations, and designers) to assess their relationships. Using these relationships, we create a portrait of the organization that can be used as a starting point for future work.

Step 2: Deepening Our Equity Roots and Defining Problems

SUsing the data we collect, we work with our partners to build the foundations of equity work: understanding historical context, developing a shared language, understanding and unpacking the role of historical oppressive systems, and interrogating the role of the self and the organization in perpetuating systems in the past. With this knowledge, we help organizations define a specific problem to address in our work together.

Step 3: Seeding and Designing New Behaviors

With this new orientation, we support our partners in embodying the behaviors outlined in the equityXdesign process: interrogating our identities, ceding power, speaking a new future, designing at the margins, and making the invisible visible — through the lens of relevant school and/or organizational dilemma. These new behaviors form the seeds of the new relationships that will underpin the schools or education organizations that our partners will design or redesign.

Step 5: Defining the New Model

To ensure scalability and longevity, we help teams define and codify the key elements of their new models. Defining the model also serves as a powerful tool for maintaining consistency and alignment with key values, predicting outcomes for learners, and explaining the learning experiences of both adults and students.


We offer three opportunities for schools, education organizations, and designers to engage with this work: Equity Accelerator Foundations experiences, Equity Accelerator Studios, and Accelerator Coaching.


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