Catalyzing a new generation of truly transformative ideas.

Imagine a world where every child in America learns in a place that acknowledges their racial identity, prepares them to lead and participate in our economy, and repairs and restores relationships that keep us divided. 

228 Accelerator’s signature program offering, e(X)d, is designed to lead school and educational leaders through an intensive process to create bespoke equity-centered design trainings in their organizations. During this process, leaders engage in four key areas:

Capacity building in equity-centered design:
How might we integrate equity-centered design into our capacity building work and design new ways of working together and with our youth?

Transformative empathy and design:
How might we better understand the current culture of our organization and its impact on our curriculum and the experience of youth?

Designing a culturally relevant model of academic achievement:
How might we synthesize bright spots of historical models of achievement and redesign them for the present?

Scaling equity with integrity:
How might we scale equity in schools, empowering and equipping school leaders with the skill, will, courage, and tools to transform their schools?

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