Equity Accelerator Foundations

Catalyzing a new generation of truly transformative ideas.

Imagining a new future begins with a radical vision and a willingness to redefine problems through the lens of relationships, privilege, oppression, and impact. At 228 Accelerator, we believe that the best and the most transformative ideas often come from the people have been most condemned, forgotten, and exploited.

Building on the work of the DC Equity Lab, Equity Accelerator Foundations experiences are designed to catalyze a new generation of truly transformative ideas to solve the most entrenched problems rooted in systemic oppression. Through these experiences, school and organizational teams learn how to:

  • Cultivate a shared language
  • Leverage listening structures as a leadership strategy
  • Connect the stories of the past to the experiences of the present
  • Apply an equity-centered design thinking framework to an organizational dilemma

Teams also learn to apply an equity-centered prototyping toolkit to solve organizational dilemmas and leverage new mindsets as they test innovations in small, low-risk environments in a prototyping cycle. Foundations experiences are customized to each organization’s individual needs and last between one and three days.


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