Equity Accelerator Studios

Building equity-centered school designers.

Equity Accelerator Studios are school model creation experiences that help both established and emerging leaders build the capacity to become equity-centered school designers.

Powered by the equityXdesign framework, leaders:

  • Learn how to design alongside the most marginalized and excluded students
  • Learn, internalize, and leverage new equity design mindsets
  • Articulate desired outcomes
  • Refine and redefine problems and obstacles through a lens of equity
  • Continue to prototype and test the assumptions embedded in their strategic plans, instructional and assessment models, and organizational cultures

Leaders also learn foundational elements of equity design work, including cultivating a shared language, leveraging listening structures as a leadership strategy, connecting the stories of the past to the experiences of the present, and applying an equity-centered design thinking framework to a school-based problem.

During Equity Accelerator Studios, leaders will develop design portfolios that capture learnings from prototyping and design cycles, evidence of operationalizing their new beliefs and mindsets, and an actionable strategic plan that allows them to independently launch their new models.

Leaders will be eligible for an equity-centered design certification upon completion. Equity Accelerator Studios are conducted during five to six days spread out over a five- to six-month period.


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