Theory of Action

Why 228?

It will take the average black family 228 years to achieve the same amount of wealth that their white counterparts hold today. This racialized disparity is reflected across trends in education, health, and wellness:

These trends all stem from segregation — the enforced separation of the powerful and the powerless — and the policies and practices that have been designed and scaled in this context.

Segregation, an inescapable component of both our country’s history and its current reality, creates relationships that are inherently unequal and scales them in our society. But if we dismantle these relationships, we can dismantle segregation. When we create and design new relationships, we can reorder our schools and our communities, and we can design the new relationships that scale equity.

Segregation and its resulting inequities span societal and cultural contexts, shaping learners’ experiences both inside and outside of school. We have chosen education as an entry point to this work, but it does not end there.

How We Work